Polypropylene Rope Mats
Are made on special wooden frames with Coco ropes forming both the Warp as well as the Weft, giving it unmatched durability. These mats are built to last and are available in Natural, Solid colour and various fancy designs.
Quality Weight Loadabilty in Container
Polypropylene Rope Mat GSM OZ/ft2 M2/20 Ft2/20 M2/40 Ft2/40
- - 1000 10800 2000 21600
No. of Pieces of mats that can be Stuffed in a Container
Width x Lenght 20' Container 40' Container
Cm Inch 1000m2 10800ft2 2000m2 21600Ft2
45 x 75 18 x 30 3000 6000