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Eco Friendly Latex Backed Doormats

Sustainability is a word we often hear, but don’t often understand the extent of the meaning. It encompasses how natural systems work, continue to be diverse, and yield everything required for the environment to remain in balance now and in the future. There are three core pillars of sustainability: economic development, social development, and environmental protection. Economic development refers to giving people what they wish for without negotiating the quality of life and reducing the financial weight of doing what is right. Social development is about the mindfulness and legal protection of human health from pollution and toxic activities of businesses and organizations, as well as upholding access to basic natural resources without compromising the quality of life. Environmental protection focuses on how ecosystems should be both studied and protected, and how technology can help ensure a greener future.

Based on the above-mentioned sustainability we intend to start producing natural Rubber/Latex tufted coir mats the main feature of natural rubber/natural latex is its tensile strength – its capability to stretch. Organic rubber has higher tensile strength than its rubber latex or synthetic counterparts.

Moreover, it passes naturally (albeit faster than synthetic rubber) without releasing harmful toxins.

The advantages of using doormats with organic rubber backing include: The quality of breathing air in your home is free from harmful toxins. Organic rubber-backed rugs are eco-friendly and do not emit gases – unlike synthetic or rubber latex rugs. We can do these mats with plain, printed, impression and flocked also. It is safe for the floor. It does not contain chemicals that react with your floor to cause stains or scratches, and natural rubber/latex absorbs the floor instead of sticking to it. Therefore, when you remove the rug from the area, it will not tear the floor surface.

Best Selling Sizes For Mats Are As Follows

EU& Other Countries
25cm x 75cm 40 cm x 70cm 45cm x 75cm
40cm x 60cm 50cm x 80cm 60cm x 90 cm
USA & Canada
16″ x 24″ 22″ x 36″
16″ x 28″ 24″ x 36″
18″ x 30″