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Rubber Industrial Mats

Floor Garden supplies a diverse range of high-quality rubber hollow mats m Ramp mats interlock connecting tiles, rubber runners, stable mats, cow mats, horse mats, car mats and rubber bubble cushion mat and all type of anti-fatigue floor mats to all the world, to ensure your employees are safe and comfortable while working on your premises. Our anti fatigue mats are made with quality rubber materials to provide support, traction, visibility and mitigate the risks associated with standing for extended periods of time.

Our selection caters for every type of work area, application and budget. From standing desk mats and anti-slip drainage matting to kneeling mats and more; the items featured below have been specially designed by experts to absorb shock, withstand high foot traffic, and minimise physical strain for your staff.

Standing on our feet all day long can take its toll on our bodies, if we are lacking the proper support. That’s why our anti-fatigue mats are purpose-made for improving blood circulation, thereby reducing the likelihood of joint stiffness and swelling.

The mats featured here also provide safety in the form of bevelled edges and non-slip surfaces to prevent slips and trips, which is another common hazard in workplaces where staff are on their feet for long periods of time.

Our commercial grade Gym Mats are created using high density, high impact and tightly bonded commercial grade natural rubber. This ensures that they can sufficiently absorb the forces exerted upon them during a workout, while safely cushioning against the firm ground underneath. Aimed at commercial gym operators, our premium gym mats odourless rubber and are perfect for reducing noise and vibration while offering superior fall protection and absorption. Our gym Mats are available in 1m squares with a thickness of 15mm.Has sound deadening acoustic properties. Easy to install.

Our Stable Mats are made from a specialised heavy-duty rubber, with a slightly cushioned bubble surface to help reduce fatigue, provide traction and avoid slipping. We stock two standard sizes of Stable mats.

1200mm x 1800mm x 16.5mm (thick)

1000mm x 2000mm x 16.5mm (thick)

Excellent Anti-Slip surface high wear resistance, absorbs shock and noise, protects flooring. High density natural rubber does not absorb or retain moisture and will not encourage bacterial or fungal growth.100% Natural Rubber is an environmentally friendly product.

An interlocking mat made from a nitrile-based rubber and suitable for wet or dry environments, our top-class Cushion Foot Solid mat is a unique flooring solution. While there are many mats on the market that offer drainage holes to channel falling liquids, few products incorporate all the other advantages of regular floor mats into the one product. Floor Garden’s versatile Cushion Foot Solid mat does just that. Grease resistant rubber and is less effected by oils and greases. Edging ramps available to suit all purposes Incorporates all the other advantages of regular mats.

Our ramp mats, general purpose mat that can cope with long periods of standing, the Safewalk Economy Anti-fatigue Mat from floor Garden has you covered. Our Ramp mat under foot to ward off physical fatigue and reduce feet, legs, back and neck pain. Give them a Safewalk Economy Anti-fatigue Mat from floor gardens a comprehensive flooring solution at an extremely economical price.

This large, 12mm thick mat features large drainage holes that ensure users aren’t standing in spilt liquids. Low profile moulded-in ramps on all four sides, a unique safety feature that greatly reduces the risk of trips and stumbles. Perfect single workstation size – 1.5 x 0.9m, available.

The premium Cushion Foot Mat from Mat floor Garden is an all-purpose mat featuring drainage holes throughout the mat that drains falling liquids. Made of grease resistant rubber, the mat is less affected by grease, oils and detergents. Its multi-nib backing ensures exceptional foot comfort while enhancing drainage and cleanliness. As a top of the range anti-fatigue cushion foot flooring solution, this nitrile-based rubber mat is designed with drainage holes throughout. This ensures that any falling liquids are channelled away and not left underfoot where they could become a safety hazard. Modular pieces can easily be joined in both directions. Can be edged with the Cushion Foot Ramps, Available in Black and Red. Ramps available in black and yellow. Keeps feet dry in wet environments.