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Low clearence Rubber Coco matting mats

Rubber backed coir products finds extensive use as flooring material. It is manufactured by hot pressing of compounded rubber based on natural, synthetic and reclaimed rubber or its blends on the back side of coir products such as mats/matting. For the preparation of Rubber backed matting mats, coir mattings are cut into the sizes of mats and the edges are finished with all- round rubber edging or tucked back or stitched. Rubber and various ingredients for backing are mixed on a two-roll mill and allowed to mature overnight. The compound so prepared is made into sheet of desired thickness on a mixing mill or calendar. Prepare blanks of compounded rubber sheet of size equal to that of the coir mat to be backed. The mould is heated and sprayed with a suitable mould releasing agent and the blank rubber compound sheet is kept in the mould and the coir material to be backed is placed over the blank rubber sheet. The combination is then placed in between the platens of a steam/electrically heated hydraulic press/hand fly press. It is then pressed at the appropriate temperature and pressure for the specified time. The press is opened and the product removed from the mould, cooled and trimmed. These are available in three different weaves Boucle, Basket weave and mesh. also available with printed designs on Panama weave.