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Rubber/Polypropelen moulded mats

Mat surface is made from 100% different quality poly propylene and rubber backing is made from the compound of natural and recycled rubber. Unique ridged construction effectively removes and traps dirt and moisture below shoe level. Exclusive rubber-reinforced face nubs prevent pile from crushing-maintaining high performance and extending product life. Indoor / Outdoor: This conventional different type poly propylene face suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Mats can easily be vacuumed or hosed off. Floor Gardens’ highly durable attractive fashion borders makes it the perfect choice for indoor or outdoor applications. Our strong stud backing stay in the mat and off your floor–minimizing slip hazards and floor damage around the perimeter of the mat.

Allows water to drain off the edges instead of collecting on mat. Stylish design and patterns superbly remove dirt and moisture. Polypropylene surface material dries quickly and will not fade nor rot. Heavy-duty rubber backing and reinforced nubs just below the surface. Ideal for moderate to heavy-traffic, outdoor locations. This non launderable rubber moulded poly propylene entrance mats feature an attractive stylish pattern and a grease ad oil resistant nitrile rubber backing. The unique Water Dam border holds up to 1 1/2 gallons of water, making this commercial product an excellent choice for your walk-off mat needs.

The advantages of using doormats with organic rubber backing include: The quality of breathing air in your home is free from harmful toxins. Organic rubber-backed rugs are eco-friendly and do not emit gases – unlike synthetic or rubber latex rugs. We can do these mats with plain, printed, impression and flocked also. It is safe for the floor. It does not contain chemicals that react with your floor to cause stains or scratches, and natural rubber/latex absorbs the floor instead of sticking to it. Therefore, when you remove the rug from the area, it will not tear the floor surface.

Best Selling Sizes For Mats Are As Follows

EU& Other Countries
40cm x 60cm 50cm x 80 cm 80cm x 120cm
40cm x 70cm 60cm x 80cm 90cm x 150cm
45cm x 75cm 60cm x 100cm 120cm x 180cm
USA & Canada
16″ x 24″ 22″ x 36″ 3′ x 5′
16″ x 28″ 24″ x 39″ 4′ x 6′
18″ x 30″ 18″ x 39″