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Traditional Coir Matting Rolls

We have been making eco coconut matting natural coir as wall to wall and runners also. In fact, the roots of Make an Entrance stretch back to the 19th Century. Our coir matting range is manufactured from coconut coir yarn which effectively scrapes dirt from footwear, helping to keep internal floors clean. There are three different weaves available; Boucle, Panama/Basket and Herrigboney. Each weave option is available in a variety of sizes like with a maximum length of 30 mtr and wire width starting from 50cm till 3.8mtr, suitable for offices and commercial buildings. Bespoke sizes of coir matting can also be requested to produce individual coir door mats.

Coir matting can be installed into matwells or laid to surface with a natural latex backing. The natural latex backing prevents coir matting from moving around and keeps it securely in place. We recommend installing mats indoor for optimum performance.

There is also the option to personalise your coir matting with a printed logo. A personalised mat is ideal for creating a positive first impression.