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Rubber Coco Brush Moulded Princes/grill Mats

Rubber Coco Brush Moulded Princes/grill Mats

Rubber Moulded Coir Brush Mats

Decorative Premium Coir Door Mats, each featuring a unique theme for the 4 seasons, makes for the perfect addition to your home. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, these mats act as a great scraping surface for wet or muddy shoes before entering the home.

Featuring a rubber bottom to keep floors free from moisture and prevent a non-slip, safe heavy duty premium grilled mats. Great for preventing damage to floors in high traffic areas. To get more charm for entrance, this grilled part print with rustic colours. In addition, printing words also possible in the coir centre part.

Best Selling Sizes For Mats Are As Follows

EU& Other Countries
40cm x 60cm 45cm x 100cm (Runner)
40cm x 70cm 60cm x 90cm
45cm x 75cm 60cm x 120cm (Runner)
USA & Canada
18″ x 30″ 18″ x40″(Runner)
24″ x 36″  
24″ x 39″ 24′ x 48″ (Runner)