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Jute Carpet And Rugs

Explore our exotic collections by categories or share your style and theme preferences and we will find you the best.

At Floor Gardens, our vast collections of rugs and carpets will add to the beauty of your residence and groom your personality. Your Place will be a symbol of excellence for your relative, friends and clients. The perfect rug placement in bedrooms, kitchen and living room will change the whole look and feel of your house.

Our carpets made from hand spun jute, machine spun jute and sisal can serve as a great solution for any room in your home. Place them in an entryway to greet guests; their robust texture will hold up to foot traffic. Or, use them as a sweet focal point as a smaller-sized living room rug. And don’t discount round rugs—this shape is a fantastic option for kitchen nooks, and could even serve as a bathroom rug in a powder room that needs a touch of flair. Bigger size are heroes of neutral statement-making. Many of our jutes feature gorgeous and playful details: chunky loops, waves, and stripes; mesmerizing circles; diamonds; basketweave patterns; and much more. Use as a dining room rug to up the design ante in a subtle way without taking away from the main event: the food!

Our runner makes covering these afterthought spaces super easy! Concerned about picking a runner that will complement your kitchen rug and your living room rug? Pick a jute runner—they go with everything!

World bestselling sizes are starting from 2′ x 3′ till 10′ x 12′

Vacuuming is an essential part of any type of jute carpets/rugs maintenance routine. Not only will it get rid of dust and debris caught in your rug, but it will also help it last longer. Here’s how to clean a jute rug with a vacuum.

Vacuum regularly. We recommend vacuuming your jute rug at least once, if not twice a week, depending on how often you use the room it’s in. This will help the rug appear cleaner and keep dust and allergens out of your home.

Vacuum with care. Be sure to vacuum at the lowest power level, which will help reduce friction and lessen the likelihood of the fibres loosening from the rug.

Vacuum under your rug. Because they’re made of plant fibres, jute rugs tend to shed and leave dust-like debris under the rug. We recommend pulling up the corners and vacuuming underneath the rug every few weeks to help mitigate dust build-up.