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Traditional Coir Handloom Mats

Coconut fibre, otherwise known as the Golden Fibre is extracted from the outer husk of the coconut fruit. Coconut husks are scientifically bundled to large formations and are immersed in predetermined locations in Saline or fresh water for 8-10 months. This process is called Retting. The retted husks are then taken out of the water and beaten with a wooden mallet to extract the fibre from the decomposed husk. Of late, this process is also mechanized to a large extent. The fine golden fibre thus extracted is spun on traditional as well as mechanized ‘Ratts’ to make yarns. Coir Mats are made on handlooms, power looms or frames and with or without brush. Creel Mats are known for its thin brush. Rod Mats for thick brush and Fibre Mats for compact brush. Latex/rubber backing makes the mats non-slip. Available with woven or stencilled designs and bevelled patterns for use in interior or exterior door fronts.

Coir Fibre Mats Printed/Coir Fibre Mats Inlaid

Coir Fibre Inlaid mats are manufactured by insertion of coir fibre in the base fabric. Fibre mats are extremely durable and have a compact brush and excellent reproduction of multicolour designs and patterns. Outside of the designs can be bevelled by cutting with scissors and making groves inside the mats manually, for the clarity of the designs.

Woven Brush Creel Mats

Woven brush creel mats – Our Traditional Hand Loom Coir Doormats are made from the same high quality coir matting that is used for our hand-stitched door mats. The only difference is these mats only come in standard sizes also available in natural plain version, natural printed and vibrant bleached printed also. These mats are great for use indoors; they can even be used outdoors due to its woven backing, which allows any rain water to run through. As these mats are totally biodegradable and made from 100% coconut, they are a perfectly sustainable eco-friendly choice.

Sinnet Mats

Reversible non-brush mats made of coir braids Fully hand-made 100% coir Natural & Eco friendly-The coco fibre used in this mat is extracted from the husk of the coconut. Hence it is natural and environment friendly. Sinnet mats are superb brushless mats made of coir braids on specially designed wooden boards. These mats are double sided mats and available in Half moon and square shapes as well.

Rope/admiral Mats

Coir Admiral/Rope mats are manufactured with a unique blend of coir yarn that provide superior scraping action against dirt and debris. Admiral mats have a reversible effect that provides maximum durability in high traffic applications. This Coir Admiral/Rope is the perfect solution for stopping dirt, mud, and wetness before it enters your home or office. The Coir Admiral/Rope dirt stopper mat is particularly recommended for use as an entrance mat or doormat. As well as a thick durable coir yarn water absorbent surface, these mats are fitted with a slip-resistant with an invisible latex spray backing which keeps the mats firmly in place while in use. This ensures maximum safety, protection, and efficiency for any home or office. World standard selling size is 45cm x 75cm/18″ x 30″.

Loversknot Mats

Loversknot/LKR brushless cocoa mat, made from twisted coir yarns. The stranded construction provides an appealing modern design. 5/8″ thick. This classic rope mat is made with over 120 feet of 1/2″ grade Kerala coir rope. This mat is fairly large, measuring 41 inches by 15 inches. It will last for years outdoors. Kerala is known for its longevity and can last for decades. As they age, their beauty only improves as they brown shade of the yarn. Growing up almost all classic coastal houses in Mystic had woven mats like these at the back entrance for friends and relatives to clear their boots. These are very serviceable mats, but their beauty has led.

Hollander Mats

Hollander coir mats also known as Corridor mats get their name from the weaving technique used that originated from Holland. These mats are made on special frames the natural coir fibre is weaved into different patterns. Coir Hollander mats are available in natural, bleached, dyed, and assorted shades. Mainly used as corridor mats and it can be used reversibly. Eco Friendly, 100% Coir, Easy to Clean, Trap Dust, Elegant Designs, Anti-slip and Highly Durable, available in any sizes till 60cm x 90cm.